1. Registration:
Registration is made on the basis of the product descriptions given by the tour operator as contained in this brochure. Participants can register in writing (a registration card is enclosed with the brochure).
Through his registration, the participant is making a binding offer to the operator to conclude a contract with him. Further, the participant's registration means that he agrees to abide our terms and conditions of travel.
As far as the operator is concerned, the travel contract will become abide by our binding when the registered traveller has received confirmation of travel at least one month before departure, or in the case of late registration, within six days subsequent to registration.

2. Payment:
As soon as the operator has confirmed the registration, a deposit of 20 % of the total travel price will become payable. Payment can be made by checque, cash on delivery or transfer, in which case, the tour number, tour dates and above all the name and address of the participant must always be stated. The date of receipt is the day upon which the payment is credited to the account of the operator. The balance is due three weeks before departure at the latest. No further request for this payment will be made by the operator. (When transferring funds to GAO cc – please note the duration of the bank transaction can be up to a week). Any transfer charges are to be covered by the participant.

3. Products and prices:
The extent of the product to be provided according to the terms of the contract is determined exclusively by the description of the product in the catalogue. The participant guarantees that he is aware of the content of the product description.
The operator reserves the right to alter the published prices that were confirmed at the time of the booking if the reasons for so doing can be shown to be important, for instance as a result of tax increases, provided that the departure date is more than three months subsequent to the conclusion of the contract. Should such price changes result in a price increase of over 10 %, the participant is entitled to cancel the contract without charge within 10 days of notification.

4. Flights:
As a result of the participant's booking, the “General terms and conditions of travel” of the airline shall become an integral part of the air conveyance contract.
A change of airline, time schedule or route may be necessitated by prevailing circumstances. This does not constitute grounds for cancelling participation in the tour.

5. Cancellation:
The cancellation of a tour is effective upon receipt of the participant's written cancellation document by the tour operator. Cancellation is subject to cancellation fees, as follows: Up to 28 days before departure – the deposit. Up to 14 days before departure – 50 % of the total price. Less than 14 days before departure – the total price.

6. Booking alterations:
It is only possible to transfer the booking to a different tour up to the 14th day before commencement of the journey and it can only be done if the new journey is of a value which is higher than or equivalent to the original journey.

7. Cancellation by tour operator:
Should the minimum number of participants, either as indicated in the travel brochure or as communicated by other means to the participant, not be attained, the tour operator is entitled to cancel the tour up to two weeks before the scheduled departure date. The participant will then be immediately reimbursed.

8. Guarantee:
Should it transpire that one part of the travel product is not performed, or not in a manner which conforms to the terms of the contract, the participant is entitled to demand remedial action. If this non-performance or non-contractual performance is due to circumstances which occurred after the contract was concluded and which were not brought about by the operator in violation of the principle of good faith, then the operator is entitled to perform remedial action in the form of a substitute product component of equal or higher value which is of a similar character to that of the original product component. The operator can not be held responsible for a situation in which it becomes impossible to perform certain elements of the programme for reasons over which the operator has no control. In the case of any disturbances to performance that may occur, the participant undertakes to do everything within his power to assist the remedying of the disturbance and to maintain any damage which may occur at a minimum level.
If any luggage is lost or damaged in the case of flight journeys, it is absolutely vital that the participant issues a claim for damage immediately and on the spot to the air company performing the conveyance. In such cases, the tour guide representing the tour operator must be informed. The operator's tour guides are however not authorised to recognise any claims.
In all cases, it is necessary that a claim letter is presented to the operator within one month of the scheduled return date.

9. Liability:
The operator shall be liable within the bounds of diligence as exercised by a prudent businessman, for the correctness of the description of all stated travel services at the time that the brochure goes to press, for the orderly and correct selection of and mediation with service performers (hotels, etc.) and for the conscientious preparation and conduct of the tour.
The participant takes part in the tour at his own risk. Each participant bears sole responsibility to ensure that he is of a sufficiently healthy disposition to meet the requirements of the tour booked. The tour guides are authorised to exclude any participant from the tour, in whole or in part, who can not fulfil the necessary requirements. This does not constitute grounds for partial or total reimbursement of the travel price
The participant is himself responsible for adhering to the prevailing traffic regulations. This also applies when he is following the tour guide.
The terms and conditions of conveyance of the respective transport company apply.
The liability of the operator with respect to damage compensation within the terms of the travel contract laws is restricted in total to a sum representing three times the travel price, to the extent that the damage due to the tour operator is not a result of intent or gross negligence, and to the extent that the operator is solely responsible for the damage incurred, as a result of culpable behaviour on the part of a service provider selected by the operator.
The participation of minors is only possible when they are accompanied by a legal guardian.

10. General terms and regulations: If one part of these terms is not valid it shall not affect the legal validity of the remaining terms.
Verbal ancillary agreements are only effective if confirmed in writing by the operator.
Alterations to prices and products are reserved, as is the correction of printing errors, mathematical errors, or other errors, to the extent that consent of the participant can be reasonably expected, taking into consideration the sense and purpose of the tour and the associated costs stipulated in the contract, or to the extent that the changes are necessitated by circumstances which are beyond the control of the operator (e.g. a substantial change in exchange rates). All information given in this brochure is published subject to authorisation required by law or by other authorities.

11. Conditions of use for rented motorcycles:
A fully comprehensive cover with an own contribution of EUR 1000 is granted. The leaser bears the costs of all damages falling within his liability up to a total sum of EUR 1000. Both before and after the event, GAO cc and the leaser sign a protocol which records the motorcycles' condition. The billing is handled using the bail of EUR 1000 which is deposited (either in cash or using a credit card) by the leaser at the time of the transfer of the motorcycle.