Tour operator
Great African Outdoors Motorcycle and Safari Touring CC, a subsidiary of Absolut Tours & Safaris CC, hereafter referred to as GAO.

Tour booking form
With your signature on the booking form you agree to accept these terms and conditions as a binding contract between GAO and yourself, the participant. GAO cannot accept any tour participant without a duly signed booking form. Please read the terms and conditions below carefully.

Release and waiver
Every participant on a tour operated by GAO is required to accept and sign a release and waiver form of rights before the start of the tour.. GAO cannot accept any tour participant without a duly signed release and waiver form. A copy of the release and waiver forms can be provided by GAO.

Reservation and deposit
A booking deposit of 25% of the total tour price is required at the time of booking. This deposit secures a place on the tour. The balance is due 30 days before the tour starts. If the total balance has not been received 30 days before departure of the tour, GAO reserves the right to treat this reservation as cancelled and charge the relevant cancellation fee.

Motorcycle rental/safety deposit
Rental motorcycles are provided as part of the tour package. The type of motorcycle will depend on the booking that has been made. The images of the motorcycles on the website do not always represent the exact version of the motorcycles provided. All of the bikes have panniers. If and when necessary, GAO reserves the right to substitute the motorcycle confirmed to tour participants. GAO strives to ensure that all participants ride the motorcycle they have requested, and is very proud of their record of doing so. Unfortunately, at times, certain unexpected and uncontrollable situations arise which may require the substitution of a motorcycle. This includes, but is not limited to, mechanical failure, collision damage and theft. Should GAO not be able to replace a confirmed motorcycle with the confirmed type or similar, a prorated refund for the difference in models will be refunded to the participant. This constitutes the maximum liability of GAO. A safety deposit i.e. excess of ZAR14.500-00 (on tar) and ZAR25.000-00 (on gravel) has to be paid at the GAO rental centre at the time of hand-over of the motorcycle at the beginning of the rental period. The amount of this safety deposit is equal to the amount that is deductable by the vehicle insurance.

GAO reserves the right to adjust the amount of this safety deposit and insurance deduction without any notice. This safety deposit will be refunded upon return of the undamaged motorcycle to GAO. Some rental centres require a separate rental contract for the rental motorcycle to be signed at the rental station. The rental period cannot be interrupted due to the inability to ride by a renter or for any other reason. During the tour GAO is not obliged to replace a damaged motorcycle.

Price of tour includes
The items included in the tour price are listed on other pages on our website. The tour price includes hotel accommodation in double, twin or single rooms.

Room allocation
A limited number of single rooms are available a an extra cost on a first come first served basis, however, availability cannot be guaranteed. GAO will attempt to find a roommate for riders not specifying single room on their booking form.

Price of tour excludes
All items not mentioned as included (found under the heading “excluded” at the beginning of each itinerary) and all items of a personal nature.

GAO assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivering baggage to tour participants. Baggage turned over to GAO for transport each day is done so at the participant’s own risk. Baggage insurance is recommended.

Cancellation fees

Up to 30 days prior to departure 20% of tour price
29 to 14 days prior to departure 50% of tour price
13 to 07 days prior to departure 50% of tour price
06 to 01 days prior to departure 95% of tour price
No shows 100% of tour price

Please note: A Trip cancellation insurance is not included in our tour prices.

Minimum tour participants
Up to 30 days prior to the start of the tour, GAO reserves the right to cancel a tour if the minimum number of participants has not been reached – even if tour participants have booked and fully paid by that time.

Tour cancellation by GAO
In this case clients will be notified forthwith. GAO may offer to operate the tour if all participants agree to pay a surcharge as the minimum number required has not been reached. Should clients decide not to pay the surcharge, GAO will refund their payment in full, which will constitute the full settlement. GAO is not liable for any additional costs or losses incurred by the tour participant due to GAO’s cancellation of tour because of a lack of participation. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of pre-paid airline tickets, hotel reservations and automobile rentals. Situations may arise which in our opinion make it necessary for us to cancel, advance or postpone a scheduled tour, change the itinerary or make substitutions regarding hotels, destinations and any other travel arrangements. In such an event, we will not assume responsibility or liability for any resulting losses, expenses or inconvenience. The full tour price will be refunded should the tour be cancelled prior to the scheduled departure date. GAO is not required to make any refunds once a tour has commenced regardless of the reason why a participant is unable to complete the tour.

Non-observance of traffic laws and group travel regulations
If a client does not comply with all the relevant traffic laws or the requirements for group travel, GAO reserves the right to cancel the contract and secure the renal motorcycle.

Photo and video material
Any photos and/or videos produced by GAO or its representatives on tour are the property of GAO. The copyright rest with GAO. GAO can use all of this material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images where individual tour members can be recognized, without any charge to GAO from the tour member for use of the material.

Passport, visa, driving and health regulations
The client is responsible for complying with above regulations and all consequences resulting from non-compliance.

GAO is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour description according to the local standard and the accurate description of services offered in it’s literature. GAO carefully selects and constantly checks it’s contractors, such as hotels and restaurants. GAO is responsible for conscientious travel preparations. GAO is not responsible or liable for any accidents. GAO reserves the right, without prior notice, to withdraw any part or all of a tour and/or to make the necessary changes.

Any costs, if and where applicable, as a result thereof, shall be paid by the client. Furthermore, it is agreed and understood that the owners, operators and agents of this tour including GAO are not the guardians of any client’s safety.

In addition they, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence connected to the operation or the client’s participation on the tour which might result in injury, death or other damage to the client, their property, their family, heirs or assigns. GAO is not responsible or liable for a delay occurring from the manufacturer’s failure to deliver the motorcycle on time. The liability of GAO as the tour operator is limited to a total of three times the tour price irrespective of the title/claim. GAO is not responsible for any delays changes in schedule or other conditions.

Alterations to the tour schedule
Some tours are operated on seasonal basis and where seasonal variations and/or weather conditions cause changes in the tour routing or accommodation, the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly and alternative accommodation, restaurants and routes used.

Weather conditions
GAO strives to schedule its tours at a time of the year when the weather in the touring area is usually pleasant for motorcycling. Most of the tours pass through areas where weather conditions may change very fast and significantly. GAO cannot be made liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions.

Tour rates, rental rates and motorcycle costs
Should cost factors including, but not limited to, accommodation, meals, motorcycles, insurance, international currency fluctuations etc. dictate the need for fare increases, GAO may do so at any time prior to 60 days before departure.

Verbal changes

Are invalid unless confirmed in writing by GAO.

Printing errors and calculation mistakes
GAO reserves the right to correct printing errors or calculation mistakes at any time.